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Эверест Логистик
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для расчета морской
доставки и транспорта
«от двери до двери»
на транспорт

The status of Customs carrier assures our customers that trucking will always be done with minimal risk of non-compliance of customs legislation, and the company's commitment to safety of goods will be performed.

Customs carrier license may obtain a transport company operating in the transport market 2 years or more, and a private truck park and provide the Federal Customs Service of Russia guarantees payment of customs duties. We have our own park of truck , which allows the transportation of goods through the territory of the Customs Union independently without involving other carriers.

Why do you need customs carrier?

Questions while moving goods under Customs control are always unique and difficult to forecast.
The easiest and surest way to resolve these issues - customs carrier.
One of the most popular services and customs carrier - transportation from one internal customs post to another post of not cleared cargo.
Two objectives are faced by the owner to find transport and provide a custom security for payment of customs duties, do not forget to arrange all the documents for transit. You can certainly do it yourself, and a month or two, losing a lot of time and effort, to say: "I did it!"
And you can choose a customs carrier, which has long been guaranteed for you any customs fees, familiar with the intricacies of the transit form, transit and transport documents and, finally, really will take your goods to the desired post.
Its simultaneously solves the problem of customs clearance and transportation of the "problem" of cargo, which, although arrived to Russia, but can not be released for free circulation. And the only one who has never faced with any customs or freight may assume that there is no cost.
When you work with a customs carrier:

  • You are sure that cooperate with professionals , not a pile of intermediaries
  • You do your thing, and do not train erudition in matters of trucking
  • Do not pay too much
  • Reduces the time of delivery

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353900, Россия, г. Новороссийск,
ул. Кутузовская 10, офис 10
(8617) 762-586
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